Distant Hopes

Thought I’d try a bit of a different style, lots of action with a squeegee! Acrylic on canvas 36×24″. For sale at £140.

This was painted during the Covid-19 lockdown and made me think of distant hopes for the future when the mess in front of us had passed.

Proud Lion

Lions are very popular, so I thought it’s about time I drew one or two; this one was looking very proud. As with many of my drawings, this was based on a photograph by our talented daughter Loren.

Liquid Gold

I went for some different colours this time; thinking this would fit well with grey furniture or decor. When in sunlight or a well-lit room, the gold vein really pops out. Acrylic on box canvas 24×24″.

Liquid Gold_7838


First painting of the year and I fancied a bit of colour! It’s in acrylic, nice and big at 36″ by 36″ called Salsa, because I thought it looks a bit hotter than some of my other paintings…



As a few people have requested a work-in-progress, here are three stages of my new drawing of a camel with the very flyaway hair.

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