Eye of the Storm

My latest painting: 36″x36″ acrylic box canvas called Eye of the storm… I started painting and this just happened. Often I have a bit of an idea what I am going to do but my hands just seem to do the rest.

Eye of the storm


Thought it was about time l did a drawing from my trip to Kyoto in Japan last year, so here we are; isn’t she beautiful?Meiko-6971


I had two big canvases 3 feet square that have been waiting for ages for me to paint them so this is my first, a big wave. I have called it ‘Deep’, I loved painting it.



How could I resist…

… well I couldn’t. I was drawn to do this pencil sketch by the gorgeous look on the ostrich face, so cute. All my drawings are of animals we have met on our travels, some close-up, face-to-face, as with this guy._DSC6084 ostrich




This little beauty features on my new website (now live) and appears on the pencil drawings page. There is something about a Zebra that is so beautiful and I really enjoyed drawing this one.


Wolf 1This week was very eventful for Torak, the wolf which escaped for 6 hours but is now safe back in his enclosure. It reminded me of this wolf that I drew with pencils; what lovely creatures they are.


Indian elephant 1It’s been a while since I posted any of my art, but recently I have been inspired by an amazing sketching and drawing artist David Dancey-Wood… his work leaves you speechless. I met him once and he taught me how to paint eyes! The main thing is that it takes him weeks to finish a picture because he puts in so much detail.

So for a few months now, I have taken a leaf out of his book and taken my time drawing; mainly animals, because that is what seems to inspire me. This is the first – what do you think? The elephant is my favourite animal.